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Dog Grooming Tables

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There are several different designs of dog grooming tables available, some
can foldaway to store into a cupboard, while others are more portable allowing easier mobility for transporting the table in and out of your car.

The more you spend on a table the more versatility it has, and if you are a professional groomer, these extras, may be important to you.

Tables tend to fall into three categories, the first two are for the professional person or dog grooming parlour and the third for the mobile professional or amateur.


Out of the first two choices, the first is an electric dog grooming table. Without any lifting whatsoever, it enables the professional or dog groom parlour to lift up and place down with ease the dog being groomed.

The second choice again for dog grooming professionals, is an hydraulic system which also allows that each groomed dog can be moved up or down with ease, but without the expense of the electric table, so more cost effective.

The third choice of dog grooming table is the mobile one.  This allows the flexibility and freedom for those professional or amateur dog owners who wish to use the table as a dog show exhibitor or a mobile dog groomer travelling to each customer or for the individual private dog owner’s personal use to groom their own dog.

There are various accessories available for each of the different tables described such as; Holding Frames (H-Bar), Grooming Arms, Nooses and the Lazy Susan specifically designed for small dogs.

Dog grooming tables can come as table trolleys, with wheels on the bottom and great for those who want the mobile option.  You can also buy dog grooming tops which have a non slip surface and can be attached to the top of your dog crate.  Dog grooming tables come in fixed height and adjustable height and grooming arms may be purchased separately.  Another option is dogs may be placed in a sling as opposed to just being attached to one lead, this helps support the dog’s body, making the dog feel more comfortable.  It’s especially ideal for nail clipping and is best used with an H frame support.

Dog grooming tables usually have a restrainer which clamps onto the side of the grooming table.  The restrainer has a soft lead where one end is loosely placed around the dog’s neck while the other end is attached to the top of the restrainer.  This allows extra security for you to manage your dog in a comfortable manner but with some restraint.  Never leave your dog unattended on the dog grooming table, only if you have to, then use a restrainer.  A rubber mat or non slip surface like a towel is placed on top of the grooming table so the dog will not slip off.  The four legs of the grooming table have rubber feet for extra grip to the floor.

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